Is Podcasting a Winter Sport?
As people can now download new episodes anywhere over their phone (no need to go home and synchronize your ipod like we did in 2009.

Buying iTunes Reviews [4:09]
Is it OK to “Buy” podcast reviews in iTunes?

It seems more of an accepted strategy (as long as they are form listeners and not some fake person from fiverr). The thing to keep in mind is that you can’t contact the person in iTunes. If you pick momstaxi34 as the winner, how do you co…

Is Podbean Still Bad? [38:00]

Miss Ileane from asks is Podbean still bad?

They seem to meet most of my needs.

1. They don’t rename my file

2. They don’t mess with my ID3 tags.

3. They have stats

4. They have the ability to leave (a redirect option).

5. They have support.

The thing that makes me worry about podbean is that I can’ find a location and person. There is an address on their website, but if you go to Google Earth, we can’t verify if its a real address. The other thing that is weird is they list shows that are NOT on the network as if they are.

NOTE: Dave went over and looked and their stats have improved since the last time he looked at them, and he is going to do another review of their service.

Here are some weird things about

They have a twitter account, but no tweets.

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Behind the scenes look at the YouTube traffic and Analytics on the Ms. Ileane Speaks Channel. Learn how to grow your channel with the 

YouTube Rankings Report

Ileane Smith's insight:

I had some fun making this video. There are so many facets of the YouTube Analytics dashboard, much like Google Analytics, that I only covered the top 3 reports we should look at. 

More to come in the next traffic report!

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As a certified YouTube Channel Manager and Blogger here at FAQ Tube I would consider myself somewhat of an expert on the platform.

I’m responsible for channels that have millions of subscribers and gain tens of millions of views every month but with YouTube’s wide and ever-changing capabilities I’m still very much learning.

There are areas that I have less expertise in than I would like and when I need information on these subjects I’m lucky that there’s such a vibrant and growing online video community to reach out to and learn from….

Ileane Smith's insight:

Most of my favorite YouTubers can be found on this list, and there are a few additions that are new to me - especially the two vloggers.

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Anyone who is involved in Internet broadcasting or podcasting is likely already familiar with the Heil PR40 and the Electro-Voice RE20 microphones. If you watch TWiT or a hundred other networks, you’re probably going to see a PR40. If you’ve ever visited a radio station or watched a live stream from a radio studio, you’re probably going to see an RE20.

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Social media can pump up your blog traffic only with a correct attitude. Do you know how to present yourself in social internet world? Social media cardinal…Ileane Smith has also influenced me largely of late. In fact, I have learnt two very important aspects from her about generating traffic to a blog. She runs her blog at Basic Blog Tips and has a huge social media following.  She is also a master communicator. Her videos speak of how much quality she can bring out while relating to an audience.

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YouTube is an important place for learning more about building and running your business. This list of YouTube channels for small business will help.

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I will probably get beaten real hard for this headline, but at least it should effectively steal your attention (…you will thank me for this very soon). And if you think that this is going to be

Ileane Smith's insight:

My contribution to this group post:

6. Ileane Smith of

Most of traffic that comes to my blog from Twitter is the result of my blogging friends sharing my content.

I’m really thankful for all of the relationships that I have built with other bloggers over the years. And I really appreciate that some people have added my blog’s RSS feed into tools like Twitterfeed, or Autoshare on Triberr.

It really boils down to the fact that they feel confident that I only publish quality content on my blog. It’s key for bloggers to connect with one another and build that trust factor.

I know people like quick results but that kind of trust only comes with time and consistency. You also have to be a giver and I always try to give just as much if not more than I receive.

Thanks for asking the question Tim, because Twitter is one of my top traffic sources and I think it’s important that new bloggers understand what it takes.

Follow Ileane Smith on Twitter.

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Optimal Tags help YouTube videos rank higher in Search and be surfaced more in Suggested Videos. This guide will show you how to create optimal YouTube Tags

Ileane Smith's insight:

I think it’s interesting that the position of YouTube tags is no longer a factor. It used to be that you put your most important tags first but now YouTube has changed course. 

The death of the YouTube keyword tool is a shame so I look forward to more keyword SEO tips from Tom Martin on this blog. 

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Rob and Todd interview Dave Mansueto on the new media space and talk about Boss Jock Studio

Ileane Smith's insight:

This episode is a real history lesson for anyone interested in podcasting. Dave Mansueto is one of the founders of Libsyn and he co-created BossJock which is a stand-alone podcasting app.

Todd, Rob and Dave also go deep into the difference between using mp3 and AAC file formats and what it could mean for the future of podcasting. 

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Think your viewers are watching your whole video? There may be something simple you’re doing that turns them away early. Increase audience retention with this quick tip. Watch Quick Tip to Increase YouTube Audience Retention: Meeting with a new client made me think of today’s video because it’s such a simple thing that seems like no […]

Ileane Smith's insight:

So many YouTubers make this mistake. Get to the meat and potatoes of the content before you go on and on about YOU!! 

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Soon YouTube will roll out their “Tip Jar” feature for more creators, but I decided not to wait for it and am investing my crowd funding efforts into Patreon…

Ileane Smith's insight:

Monetize your YouTube channel “off-site” with Patreon. 

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Find out if the Webcam Settings App for Mac is right for you! In this video I share my thoughts on the Webcam Settings App for Mac and I show you the Logitech C920 Webcam.

Webcam settings app

Logitech C920 webcam

Who said this: Nobody is Going to Punch You In The Face
Ryan Parker from Food Craftsman

Shout out to Dave Jackson from School of Podcasting

★★★ ★★★

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I’m extremely honored to be listed as one of the Top 100 podcasts by +Small Business Trends 
There are 99 other amazing podcasts listed here, so be sure… - Ileane Smith - Google+

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Seems like the simple word blog became so complicated to some of the minds of todays business owners….

I like medium size. Somehow some blogs when it gets too popular, they stop answering their comments and to me that is not cool. So no matter where you at in your ladder, you should not stop engaging or answering your comments.

Ileane Smith's insight:

My comment:

Hi Angela,
You have done a fantastic job of explaining what blogging is and I love the graphics you use in this post. My favorite is the WordPress, Genesis, Studio Press one – very cute.

Thanks so much for the mention Angela! I’m so pleased to be on your list.

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The Power of Podcasting

The WHY, HOW, WHEN and WHAT For’s of podcasting! Being able to podcast is turning into one of the best ways to re-purpose your content, so tune in if you want to learn more from the experts!

Ileane Smith's insight:

Great panel discussion featuring special guest Shannon J. Hernandez (Shan Man) just back from Podcast Movement #pm14

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