Purchase your own blue snowball: http://www.videoschoolonline.com/bluesnowball_amazon Today I just unboxed the Blue Snowball USB Microphone. This little mic …

Ileane Smith's insight:

It’s a shame that Blue Microphone ships out mics without any instructions for what the different settings are. I probably would cost them about a quarter a piece to have some printed up. 

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In order to be helpful to a business their videos need to be discovered viewed and shared. Here are 4 ways to get more views of your videos with Pinterest

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This week we recapped the overall progress of online & social media trends in 2014 and  chatted with a fantastic panel of guests about what’s new in their world and what they see happening as the year progresses:

Guest Lineup:
+Dustin W. Stout  - +dustn.tv  - web designer, branding enthusiast, blogger and social media junkie
+Ileane Smith - +Basic Blog Tips  - Blogger, Podcaster, YouTuber, Social Media Diva!
+Debi Davis - +3D Communications (Debi Davis) -  Business Communication Strategist
+David Amerland - Author, Speaker, Analyst, Mental Magician (I made that one up, David!) –   davidamerland.com

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Visit http://www.rockandrollzen.com to learn more about music and creating awesomeness. A video of music producer tips on how to make professional quality re…

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Most of us think of YouTube captions as an accessibility feature for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. However, studies show that 80% of people who use captions for very different reasons that actually lead to increased audience engagement, higher audience retention, more YouTube likes, comments, and more!

I talked with Tole Khesin of Captions For YouTube about why that is and how we can take advantage of YouTube captions for our own videos.

Ileane Smith's insight:

I wish there was an easy way to create video captions but the truth of the matter is that it takes work - unless you want to pay someone.

I did find a trick to make it easier to do. You can follow the instructions in this video How to Edit YouTube Video Captions

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Howdy everyone. A few months ago, my friend Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income interviewed me for his podcast. Little did I know that podcasts are…

While at Awesomenessfest I heard my friend James Schramko speak about all the tools and techniques to create and grow a successful podcast. Blew me away. It was like a foreign language. James was nice enough to put it all in a simple checklist for OkDorks (can we start calling each other that?) to take advantage of. Take it away James.

Below he’ll show you The Equipment You Need, How to Create Content, How to Publish, and How to Get Your First 100 Listeners.

Ileane Smith's insight:

James Schramko shares his love for podcasting and how he uses it to grow his authority and his audience in this post on Noah Kagan’s blog OkDork

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YouTube is responding to agency execs’ call for more content promotion with its biggest marketing push of the year to debut Monday.

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Official YouTube Live channel. Subscribe for tips and updates on the live platform from your friendly YouTube Live team!

Ileane Smith's insight:

What’s the difference between YouTube Live and Hangouts on Air? That’s one of the many questions answered in the video.

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YouTube is putting money behind a few top channels to promote them off of YouTube, including in television ads, billboards, bus stops, and more. The idea beh…

Ileane Smith's insight:

Most of what I get in my inbox is spam so I rarely check it. I doubt if other YouTubers are checking theirs either.

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Marc Maron to catch breath from podcasts, TV show with stand-up sets in …He’s finally realizing his mainstream potential with hit podcast “WTF With Marc Maron” and critically acclaimed IFC show “Maron.” The latter kicks of its second season May 8 with guest appearances by David Cross, Conan O’Brien and Sarah Silverman.

Ileane Smith's insight:

Marc Maron has one of the most popular podcasts available - however, I can honestly say I have never listened to it personally. But I’m sure it’s great!

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Tweet  Regularly writing long blog posts should be an important part of your blogging strategy. Long blog posts attract more backlinks than short ones as shown in this study by SEO MOZ. People probably prefer linking to longer blog posts as they are more informative. Many of the top blogs regularly write long blog posts …11 Brilliant Podcasts to Help You Improve Your WordPress Blog Significantly is a well written blog post by Ileane Smith Which is also easy to read and navigate through. You will find everything from big subheads, short paragraphs, bold text and short sentences which make the entire blog post a fun and helpful read.

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Want to become a smarter blogger? Build a more profitable blogging business with the help of these 25 top pro bloggers and their blogs..#18. BasicBlogTips.com
Miss Ileane Smith is the gal behind popular blog BasicBlogTips.  Now BBT specialises in sharing beginner and advance blogging tips, social media tips and one of Ileane’s favorite topics, YouTube and video marketing.  Ileane has a large and loyal reader base and updates her blog regularly with fresh content with actionable tips.  I’ve even had the pleasure of guest blogging for BasicBlogTips.com.  You can visit Ileane’s blog here and become part of her growing community.

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YouTube made a minor, unannounced change to the video pages this week and now creators get a lot more visibility in the descriptions box.

Ileane Smith's insight:

This a welcome change by YouTube. Now it will be even more important to write good descriptions for our videos

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How to get started in podcasting: editing the audio
Once you’ve captured the audio, it’s time to splice it all together and trim it down.

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Launch your podcast today EASILY and EFFECTIVELY: http://www.authorityengine.com Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf1UNUU9zju50SkyuhhDTeA Sub…

Ileane Smith's insight:

It’s critical to add the correct ID3 tags to your .mp3 files before you upload them to Libsyn or any other hosting provider. This is a good walkt through of the process.

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