Learn the basics about how YouTube search and suggested videos work, and how you can use SEO to get your videos more views!
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In this tutorial you will get step-by-step instructions for how to edit out parts of an existing YouTube video using the video Enhancements tool on YouTube.

Learn how to: ▶
✔Find the YouTube Editor
✔Scrub forward to your start edit point
✔Use the YouTube Trim Tool
✔Scrub forward to your end edit point
✔Preview your changes
✔Save your edited video
✔Confirm your edits and tell YouTube to process the changes

***Note: Remember to Edit the Title and Description of Your Edited Video****

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A history of RSA-style whiteboard animation, also known as whiteboard or sketchboard-style. Learn about IdeaRocket’s unique approach to RSA and see our video portfolio.

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YouTube’s algorithm connects you with videos you might like. What signals do they use to decide if a video will appeal? More from this interview soon. Why th…

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Watch time, watch time, watch time!

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Having a hard time figuring out how to make the major social networks work for you? Trust me, I understand! That is the reason why I invited some social media pros to share little-known tips on the…

YouTube analytics is probably one of the most overlooked audience building tools by the vast majority of YouTubers today. There’s a ton of actionable data hiding in those reports. You can find everything from your traffic sources and the age of your viewers all the way to what keywords people are typing in search to find your YouTube videos. YouTube just released a brand new feature that shows real-time traffic reports in your desktop dashboard for your last 5 published videos. Those stats are great to have and it’s wonderful to see how your current promotions are going. But what if you have an older video or 2 that you want to track in real time?

Here’s the tip – from your Analytics dashboard at the top right, you’ll see an option to create video Groups. Now just to be clear, your Groups are different from your playlists. They’re only visible to you and they are only used for tracking purposes. Create a Group with any combination of up to 5 of your older videos to see the real-time stats for those older more popular videos that have a lot of activity and watch the traffic roll in. Here’s a screenshot showing real-time stats from videos I published in 2013 and 2010.”

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I added my YouTube tip to this post (see above).

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A Five-Minute Webinar on why podcasting is a big deal, with data from the new Share of Ear study by Edison Research.

Ileane Smith's insight:

I’m a huge podcasting consumer so none of this is a surprise to me. In fact I think the numbers are actually higher. 

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Hear how UK creator, Hazel, uses analytics to better understand her channel’s audience. Learn more: http://goo.gl/vZCD7k Watch Chewing Sand: http://www.youtu...

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Here’s one YouTuber that thinks likes and comments are more important than views and subscribers. 

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How To Put A Subscribe Link On YouTube http://www.drostdesigns.com/get-youtube-traffic Do you want to make it easy for people to subscribe to your YouTube ch…

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On January 24, 2013, I launched my YouTube channel with 0 subscribers. Twelve months and 12 days later the channel crossed 10,000 subscribers.

Six months later channel is growing at twice that rate and continues to increase month over month! Why?

This course reveals the behind-the-scenes tactics I implemented to grow the YouTube channel, things that are mostly invisible to viewers.

I’m confident that you’ll take these tactics, use them on your channel, and see even better results than I did!

Ileane Smith's insight:

I took this course and learned a lot from Tim Schmoyer. He shares a lot of insider secrets that go beyond what he teaches in his YouTube videos. 

He uses a time line graphic that shows his journey to becoming the certified YouTube partner and trainer that he is today. Very enlightening. 

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We talk with Chris Curran of Fractal Recording about the value of podcasting for business and how you can make it work whatever your industry.

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Find great audio podcasts. Easy discovery combined with one-click listening !

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Get Your Outro Here: http://splasheo.com/products/outro CONNECT WITH ME My Blog: http://gideonshalwick.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/gideonshalwickupdate...

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Gideon Shalwick is becoming a master with Live video. Watch and learn my friends.

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Blog post at WorthBlogger - Tips for writing a blog worth reading :

Ms Ileane Smith Takes Engagement To Blog Interviewing

Ms Ileane is one of the top female bloggers that have rocked the blogosphere. I have had the privilege of working with her on her blog which gave me an insight of what blog engagement was all about. She values comments as herself and take her time to reply to each an every one of them.

Today, Ms Ileane has taken blog engagement to something more thrilling. She steps out of her comfort zone to Increase Engagement and Build Relationships with Blog Interviews.

Here is what she said in her post:

The reason we all enjoy blog interviews so much is because they are a great example of those successful collaborations I’m so in favor of, and the “engagement” that we all seek to have on our blogs is pretty much built in by nature.

Ms Ileane Offers Some Tips for Great Blog Interviews

Some advice for those of you who are going to be interviewed:

1. Obtain a list of the questions or topics ahead of time
2. Add the interviewer to your list of contacts on Skype, Twitter, Google+ and other networks
3. Make a few notes of key points and people that you want to mention
4. Keep your voice even, and remember to be natural
5. Be sure to smile – so that your voice sounds energetic and upbeat

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Quickly learn how to use YouTube realtime video analytics for your video content marketing in this social media tutorial. Realtime analytics is just one of Y…

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