Here’s what you can expect from WordPress 3.7.
What feature are you looking forward too most?
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Via - Podcasts

Ileane has made a name for herself in the social media and blogging world with, and her podcast Ms. Ileane Speaks, both places to go when you need professional advice on making the most out of your blog and social networking. I had the pleasure to speak with her yesterday on podcasting, blogging, and more. Check out what she had to say below!

Via - Basic Blog Tips

Understandably not everyone is up on the idea of podcasting, much in the same way as vlogging… Some people can’t stand the sound of their voice, or can’t stand the way they look on camera… but if you can muster the confidence to do it, it’s well worth it. A good service you might want to consider using to easily create your podcasts is Spreaker. It was one recommended whilst listening to a podcast review of Spreaker by Ms. Ileane of Basic Blog Tips. You can check out her very informative series of podcasts here – The Ileane Show, anyhow consider creating your own series of podcasts as it’s a great way to promote your blog.